Sunday, February 9, 2014

Olympic CTF 2014 - Writeups

Some my writeups for Olympic CTF 2014 tasks.

Figure Crypting 10 - Crypting 
Author: touzoku
43wdxz 4edcvgt5 65rdcvb 6tfcgh8uhb 9ijn

After a lot of unsuccessful attempts to decrypt message using popular methods, I've found a solution:

Binathlon 10 - Just No One
Author: vos
Here's your binary: setup.exe

Flag was in EULA:

CURLing 10 - Out there
Author: kyprizel
Flag is out there: http://[2a02:6b8:0:141f:fea9:d5ff:fed5:XX01]/

After quick search of address, I've found that uses 2a02:6b8:0:141f:fea9:d5ff:fed5:6901 as its IPv6 address. After that, I've used site for get its content with a flag.
<p><a href="">Vladimir Mikhaylovich Smirnov</a> (born 7 March 1964) is an Kazakhstani former cross-country skier who raced from the 1982 until 1991 for the USSR and, later, for Kazakhstan. First Olympic champion from independent Kazakhstan. He is also a vice president of the International Biathlon Union. Smirnov is a former member of International Olympic Committee.</p>
<!-- CTF{7a0dd6d4556a7ed60e6f7686eae0590d} -->
Flag is: CTF{7a0dd6d4556a7ed60e6f7686eae0590d}

Freestyle 10 - Trivial
Author: vos
Hack the Planet_
Flag is:!

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